The Learning Communities Foundation is a resource development partner with Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) raising funds in service to creating a racially just and humanizing learning system for children in King and Pierce Counties as well as Bainbridge Island. 

We are a stand-alone 501(c)3 nonprofit existing to support PSESD programs much like a school’s foundation within an individual school district or a fund-raising PTA in a school.

Our current focus areas include Educare Seattle and the Family Support Fund for PSESD.


The Learning Communities Foundation works with PSESD to determine priorities for funds raised by the Foundation and how investments made will best address our mutual goal of eliminating the opportunity gap.

We fuel and administer the Family Support Fund for families engaged in PSESD services. This fund provides tangible support for temporary hardships that impact a child’s ability to engage in learning at school or childcare. The FSF addresses housing, transportation, item or program fee support.

We also focus on Educare Seattle. to further generate operational support.  With the PSESD, we are committed to growing a public-private partnership to sustain Educare Seattle’s high-quality standards and its nationally recognized model for early learning.   

We ground our work in Community Centric Fundraising Principles.


When you partner with the Learning Communities Foundation by sharing your time, treasure or talent you are:

  • Directly covering families’ basic needs when temporary hardships arise;
  • Enriching the quality of education for early learning programs, especially Educare Seattle;
  • Recognizing the systems-level impact of contributing to the large-scale efforts of PSESD through a nonprofit partner focused;
  • Contributing to the through-thread of birth to post-secondary efforts in creating success for every child. 

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We believe in children, regardless of race, ethnicity, income, zip code, or home circumstance, having access to quality education. 

We believe early childhood learning experiences lay the foundation for a child’s future academic success. 

We believe children’s health and physical well-being, along with the development of cognitive, communication and social-emotional skills, are influenced by the quality of early education.

We believe investments in education are investments that yield resources of talent that sustain our communities.