The Leaf, Issue 5

The Leaf, Issue 5

Learning Communities Foundation Supporters:

In spite of the challenges of 2020, The PSESD Learning Communities Foundation (LCF) and Educare Seattle are seeing success in supporting children with research-based education through caring and responsive teaching, ensuring students’ school readiness for whatever barriers they will face in the future. The work of Educare Seattle and PSESD early learning programs has changed, just as the world around us has changed for the families and children we support. I invite you to read on to see some of the ways that we are staying connected to children and their families.

The new year will undoubtedly call for continued adaptability and flexibility on the part of our children, our families, our staff and our partners. All have shown great resilience over these past months. Whether we are teaching in the building or remotely, our children are eager to continue building social-emotional skills, to engage in creative play, to develop literacy and mathematics skills and to stay connected to their peers. For that reason, our children and families need the support provided by Educare Seattle now more than ever. We invite you to join us in supporting children with a year-end gift to LCF.


Terri Akey

Board Chair

An Update from Educare Seattle

Nothing stays the same for long as we adapt to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last version of The Leaf, we shared some of the lessons from the initial adaptations and lessons learned by Educare Seattle. Below, Laura McAlister, Executive Director of Educare Seattle, provides an update on what those adaptations look like for staff, students and families. 

Upon the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in King County, Washington, Educare Seattle remained open while following all federal, state and county requirements through March, carefully re-writing procedures for providing on-site childcare during the pandemic. In April, Educare Seattle re-opened with a modified schedule, and 25% of our enrolled children were able to attend. Priority enrollments were given to families of first responders and essential workers, children who are homeless and those involved with Child Protective Services (CPS). Our agency’s health nurse was on site regularly to help with screening and procedures. Family Advocates and program support staff provided the screening for children, including temperature checks and the use of a screening tool. The children adapted almost immediately to wearing masks. Once screened in the morning, students selected a colorful mask and bounced off to class.

Click here to continue reading about how Educare Seattle has adapted to provide services during COVID-19.

Highlighting Educare Staff in Service

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Educare staff still found a way to share lessons and support with students and families. As a board, we deeply appreciate the efforts of staff to go above and beyond to make sure that our students and families felt connected. Watch the video below to see how Educare staff adapted their work with creativity.

Educare Staff in Service


Supporting Students Through LCF

Thank you to the Boeing Company and the Perigee Fund for their recent funding support! The Boeing Company’s grant of $5,000 will enhance digital access for students enrolled in programs across PSESD. The Perigee Fund's grant of $20,000 will support Educare Family Engagement Specialists and their programming. Both grants advance our work to support children and families to stay connected and engaged in growth and learning.